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I'm thankful to Breast Health Connect for assisting me with a mammogram through Ohio Health's Mobile Unit at PrimaryOne Health. I was behind in scheduling my mammogram this year, because I didn't have time to get it done. So I was glad that my doctor called and encouraged me to schedule a screening. The mobile unit was convenient for me and they worked with my schedule. It was a very easy process and great experience.

 - Carla 9/2022



I just want to thank you for your support in providing the free mammogram screening at Greater Baden Medical Services and then transporting me to GWU Hospital for my follow-up appointments. I suffer with a lot of anxiety and don’t deal with stress very well, so your presence at the hospital really eased a lot of the anxiety. Due to my diabetes, my eyesight is not that great, so it meant a lot to me to have you there through the entire process.  

You are a blessing. Many people talk about what they will do to help, but Breast Health Connect, Inc. actually did it. 

- Essie J. 8/2018

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